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MEA Webinar: Lessons Learnt From Taking Your Event Online

As the world of meeting and events is forced to move online the challenge is that case-studies and best practices are slim on the ground.

Good news is, in this webinar we are fortunate to speak with Stuart Frank, Director of strategic events for Salesforce Asia Pacific who, at the start of the COVID-19 crisis, produced an online event for thousands of delegates, and more importantly did it successfully. It has fast become a benchmark online event. 

Like all meetings and events there are many moving parts and in a virtual or hybrid events these parts have changed. How you engage your audience with the technology you are using, how do you brief your team and clients to work in an unfamiliar environment. And most importantly, how do you shift your thinking and actions to achieve your event objectives through this new medium.

In this webinar workshop you will learn:

  • How Salesforce managed to pivot in just 10 days and successfully conduct a benchmark online event.
  • How to engage your delegates, your staff, and your clients.
  • What you need to consider to be successful online