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MEA Webinar: Leading Virtual Teams for Trust, Connection, Engagement and Productivity

Team and business leaders are facing unprecedented times, with many MEA members and associates experiencing the brunt of the impact.  Some are leading remote teams for the first time during a pandemic, others are experiencing reduced hours, job loss or revenue.  Experiences range from overload, to a lack of work or low motivation, while others are enjoying the new world of work.

Either way,  leaders needs to adapt to the situation to retain, motivate and energise their people to be ready for what comes next. In this webinar, Sophie will explore 5 key strategies for leaders of any sized team to build trust, connection, engagement and productivity.

These strategies are relevant at any time to build team performance, cohesion and satisfaction, however their application needs to be adapted for the current challenges of leading remotely though COVID. You will learn practical and tactical ways to lead your team more effectively through COVID19 and beyond.

Sophie Graves

Sophie Graves is an Executive Coach and leadership specialist who helps business leaders to amplify their individual, team, and business performance. With extensive experience across strategy, performance, culture and leadership, Sophie enables confident, capable leaders; and engaged, productive teams.

Sophie has over 20 years’ experience in organisational dynamics & leadership development, including 12 years running a successful consulting and coaching practice. She has coached hundreds of people at all levels and is passionate about helping business leaders and teams to be more satisfied and successful.